Baxandall Dry Cure Bacon

Our famous dry cure bacon is produced from the very best selected choice pork.

It is then trimmed and salted down using a traditional cure which is sourced from an old established spice mill.

To this is added the finest Demerara sugar, the cure is then hand rubbed into the choice pork cuts by Alison, who is possibly the only lady bacon curer in the area. 

The product is turned daily and after a number of days is taken out and left to mature for seven days. This is when the magic happens, allowing the bacon to develop its amazing flavour. Only after this process, is it then ready for you to enjoy.

The bacon wanted for smoking is carefully hung in the smokehouse and left for 24hrs with our five wood smoke, containing alder, apple, hickory, maple and mesquite permeating the meat to give it a unique and incredible flavour.

The only ingredients we use in our dry cured bacon are traditional curing salts and demerara sugar. There is nothing that shouldn't be in there and it tastes absolutely fantastic. 

All of the above gives us quite possibly the best tasting dry cured bacon across the Pennines and we hope that like many of our other customers you will like it enough to come back.

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